The Ma'am Cave | pink chairs, girly design, a woman's rec room

{Image via Life in a Venti Cup, via Century Furniture}

Aren’t they exquisite?!! When I saw these chairs I think I literally swooned. Yes, they are a little loud and obnoxious, but who am I kidding? So am I. And isn’t your home supposed to be a reflection of you? Yes, indeed it is…

So I ran them by the hubs. His response: “Not a chance.” 🙁

“BUUUT, I LOVE them!” I exclaimed.

“Absolutely not,” He retorted. That’s when I gave him my sad eyes, batted my lashes, and pouted my lips.

“Well, they would have to be hidden so I didn’t have to look at them every day,” He grumbled, like a bona fide scrooge of all things pink and pretty. “There’s no way I would let you put those in the living room.”

So, I’m going to go ahead and take that as permission to create my own woman cave (aka ma’am cave).

The Ma’am Cave Revolution

I say that every girl needs her own Ma’am Cave.  How would you decorate your woman cave? Leave your ideas below!

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4 thoughts on “Ma’am Cave”

  1. It would include some very comfy chairs, a warm cozy blanket, some beautiful girlie colors and patterns (since my life is all boy right now!), some kind of wine/cocktails, a massage chair or heck, my own personal massage therapist! A nice big window too!

  2. Artwork! Galore.
    For some odd reason, I’m afraid to buy what my eye draws me to now that I live with my fiance (bf of 8 years).
    He knows my taste, but I just don’t want to force it on him … since we share a bedroom now.
    Therefore, my (wo)man cave would be full of funky, traditional, street, understated and overstated (pretty much an eclectic mix of) art. 🙂

  3. My woman cave would be a combination of French Country and English Library. A gas fireplace is a must along with dark wood bookcases and good reading lights. A love seat, comfortable chairs and ottoman’s, a small table to hold a reading stand and good natural light. Not a neutral color in sight; it would be jewel tones of red, navy, forest greens. In other words, the feel would be as though one is walking into a comfy cave, but a very nice and not kitch one.

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