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Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it ladies, finding a Valentine’s day gift for your husband isn’t always an easy task. Flowers and cute little teddy bears just don’t have the same effect on men as they do women, and since I am a firm believer in keeping V-day gifts simple (the big, expensive gifts are much more suited for anniversaries and birthdays) I’m always at a loss as to what to give. That being said, I do love Valentine’s Day because any excuse to love, and be loved, is just plain wonderful.  Because of that, and because I figure other fab housewives run into the same dilema, I’ve come up with a list of simple gift ideas to make your man feel special.

Romantic Dinner at Home

Build your own pizza

In my experience, dinner in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day is my own personal hell. There’s nothing romantic about squeezing into an overstuffed room, elbow to elbow with the couple sitting next to you, while a throng of balloon strings, which are dangling from every inch of the ceiling, jabs you in the eyes and saturates themselves into your once lovely glass of cabernet. Instead, I much prefer to cook with my hubs from the comfort of our own kitchen. An interactive meal, like build your own pizza, can be really romantic when you open up a nice bottle of wine, order up a special Valentine’s dessert, like chocolate covered strawberrieslight some candles, and turn on some soft music.

A Wallet


My husband asked for a new wallet for Christmas, but didn’t get it. Instead of going to the store to buy himself a new wallet, he dug through a storage bin and found an old nylon velcro number from high school. Nothing says sexy like the rip of velcro after a nice dinner, let me tell you. The point of this story is: my hubby will DEFINITELY be getting a wallet for Valentine’s Day. I like this Baconi ‘Slimster’ Wallet, $55 at Nordstrom. It’s made of soft calfskin leather, and will fit comfortably in the pocket of his tailored jeans.

A Round of Golf

golf ball wrapped in a bow

Say “I love you” with a get-out-of-the-house-free card…a.k.a a gift certificate for a round of golf. Does your husband have a favorite golf buddy? Perhaps you and his wife could go in on the gift together, enabling your men to relax and enjoy a day of their favorite pastime. Or, you could make it a cute little date, just the two of you. So many options with this one, and you absolutely cannot go wrong!


Yellow DeWalt Drill

Guys are such tools, when it comes to tools. They don’t need to know how to use it, or even what it is, but if it looks cool and comes from Home Depot, they’re stoked. Depending on your budget, you could opt for a power drill (which is probably one of the most handy things to have around the house) or a really elaborate wrench set. My husband loves his Dewalt power drill, $159 from Home Depot (pictured left). Just a word to the wise: if you buy it, they will be trying it out on EVERYTHING in sight. Keep that in mind if you’re contemplating a chain saw.

For more ideas, I posed the question on facebook. Here’s what the guys said they were hoping for this Valentine’s Day:

  • “Silence”
  • “Extra special sexy time”
  • “Golf, sports tickets, maybe taken to a comedy show”
  • “As gay as it sounds… a nice massage with a home cooked meal! Haha”

One Response to Valentine Hints for your Hubby

  1. midnitechef says:

    “if it looks cool and comes from Home Depot, they’re stoked” SO TRUE!! LOL 🙂

    My hubby has the Dewalt with an attachment that fits any bolt, it has sort of like pins that push inwards. He was using it everywhere: fix the fence door, change the oil in the car, tighten this and that. That would be a cool and inexpensive addition to the tool box (which has taken over the entire garage!) If I find it I will reply.

    If we can find a sitter, we would like to go to a matinee show this weekend and sushi afterwards.

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