A fashion trend I am thrilled to be welcoming back this season are bold tights and socks in unexpected patterns. But this fall, bright colors are also going to be thrown into the mix, which means even more ways to create an eye-popping look.

polka dot tights via Rue Magazine

glam socks via Rue Magazine{images via Rue Magazine}


Red Tights Oscar de la Renta

If you consider yourself to be fashion-challenged, the easiest way to capitalize on the trend is to coorodinate colored tights or socks with contrasting colors in basic patterns. But, if you’re going for a busy patterned tight, like argyle or paisley, you can’t go wrong with bright solid colors in simple silhouettes.

Tights Trend Kate Spade Collage{Bryce Dallas Howard for Kate Spade}


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Colored Tights colorful socks colage

As if we didn’t already have our hands full with colored and patterned legwear, her Royal Highness Dutchess Kate seems intent on bringing pantyhose back. Just look at the sheen on those legs!

Kate Middleton Sheer panty hose tights

{image via People}

Perhaps she’s just playing up her role as a new fab housewife…

Vintage Housewife in tights pin up

There’s no doubt Kate is beautiful in just about anything she wears, but I’m not so sure if they’re appropriate for the rest of us common-folk. What do you think? Are nude hose a “do,” or a “leave ’em in the 80’s, along with the mullets and the mustaches?”

3 thoughts on “{Tights Trend} Stand Out in a Crowd”

  1. I will not ever wear pantyhose like Kate does…but I totally get why she wears them. If I were a princess, I would probably do it too!

    I love Spanx pantyhose though…helps to hide my post baby blubber!

    AND- I LOVE tights. I am a bit nervous about pulling them off, but I am gonna just jump right in and do it.

  2. I LOVE the tights look! I do not, however, like the feeling of them when they are on. Once and awhile I will sacrifice the comfort for fashion, but if I do I prefer tights over pantyhose. Tights are also great because they can actually help to maintain body heat on those cold nights!

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