DIY Pillow Covers

{ DIY } New Throw Pillow Covers

A couple weekends ago, I got an artistic itch. You know the kind…when you wake up with that need to create. Like when your brain is so over-stimulated by all the beauty around you, that you feel inspired to transform your personal space to reflect that beauty. Perhaps it was the sun shining into my…

Sparkle Sequin Toss Pillows

Obsessing Over Sparkle Decor

Well, it’s official: the holidays have begun!!! I’m not sure if it’s in anticipation of all the festive decorating I plan to do, or if I’m just craving a little sparkle in my life, but I am completely obsessing over these sequin toss pillow covers from West Elm. They would add a glamorous twist to…


{Motivation Monday}

via Rue Magazine, Issue Five