Well here we are, in a brand spanking NEW YEAR! So many exciting things are bound to happen, I can just feel it!!

I’m a firm believer that new years are like first impressions; you’ve got to start on the right foot because that sets the course for the future. For me, that means simplifying my life and clearing away the clutter.  My number one complaint in 2011 was a lack of space in our little apartment. Since moving isn’t exactly in the budget, I decided my New Year plan would be to assess all the material items taking up space. It’s like a cleanse, except for your home.

But before I can begin to simplify the mountain of storage boxes in the hall closets, I first have to tackle the Christmas clutter:

Christmas clutter that needs organizing

I know…it gives me a headache just looking at it. But have no fear! By the end of the week I’m intent on making my over-crowded home feel like new, again. I’ll also get to incorporate some of my holiday gifts into some fresh new decor (more on that tomorrow). But most importantly, I want to emphasize the simplify part. Things become distractions, which steer your focus away from what is truly valuable or meaningful. And that’s pretty much the opposite of living the Fab Life.

And some inspiration to keep us all focused on simplifying in the New Year

(I plan to hang these on the fridge)…

simplify motivational new year quote | collect moments not things{via operation simplicity & mnmlist}

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