Rachel Uchitel on steps with dogs scandalous Behavior tiger mistressWhile watching Extra the other day, I heard some startling news that had me screaming at the TV and reconsidering what I am doing with my life. As most know, Extra is a show dedicated to fluffy celebrity and entertainment news and gossip stories, yet still somehow, one particular story had the ability to elicite a sudden burning anger and resentment.  Alongside stories about John Meyer using the “N” word in an interview, and the shocking return of Ali on the Bachelor, the show ran a promo featuring their newest on-air special correspondent…none other than alleged Tiger mistress Rachel Uchitel.

Popularity Based on Scandalous Behavior

I have always believed that in order to achieve your goals in life, you have to be willing to work hard. Because of that, I have made huge sacrifices, all in the name of a dream…only to find out, all I had to do was sleep with Tiger Woods?? It is so sad to me that this is what our world is coming to- that more and more often, people are not only getting away with less-than-virtuous behavior, but they’re also being REWARDED for it. She is only known for her scandalous behavior.  I don’t completely blame Extra or their casting directors- their job is to create a show people will watch. It’s just so unfortunate that what the general public wants to see is corruption and scandal. I guess we only have ourselves to blame.

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