Kitchen clean-up Reorganization Project

Remember when I told you about my plans to simplify and reorganize in the New Year? Well I’ve been sticking to it! Case-in-point, my newly reorganized and amazingly efficient kitchen!

So, I’m going to be completely honest. “Kitchen clean-up” had been on my to-do list for an embarrassing long time, to the point of humiliation anytime someone other than myself or the hubs had to look for something in the cupboards…

Kitchen Cupboard reorganization Before

I bet you all are feeling pretty good about your own kitchens right about now. But it gets worse. A lot worse.

What finally pushed me to stop procrastinating and clean-up my kitchen was the morning the hubs found little moth-like bugs in his granola. Is your skin crawling yet? Mine still is!

Out went the cardboard boxes {and about half of our pantry foods since I had no idea what else had bugs}, and in came about $200 worth of air-tight containers from The Container Store. $200 may seem like a lot, but it’s a small price to pay when there are bugs in your food!

Kitchen Cupboard reorganization after

White and Brown rice {most of which had to be thrown out} now go in these handy dandy Slide & Pour Dispensers. Cereal and granola have their own convenient Store & Pour Dry Food Dispensers, and all cans are now visible, despite my deep cupboards, thanks to an Expand-a-Shelf.

Kitchen Reorganization airtight baking containers

As for that baking cupboard, I picked the Klip-It Bakery Food Storage containers because they’re sized perfectly to fit bags of flour, sugar, etc, and they even come with 1-cup scoops for easy {and cleaner} baking. I am 100% convinced that the companies who produce and sell flours and sugars are conspiring against us, using their inconvenient packaging to ensure we spill just as much product as we’re putting in the mixing bow, all over the counter and floor, thus forcing us to buy more. These containers and the little scoops alleviate that. They also stack very neatly, and I can easily tell when I’m running low. I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase!

Kitchen Reorganization baking Decorations

Any specialty baking and decorating products can now be easily found in their own Klip-It Food Storage box, and an empty mason jar provides a useful space for food colors and icing writers.

And, of course, I couldn’t have done it without my Dymo Caption Maker

Kitchen Clean-up caption maker

which is incredibly addicting, by the way. Consider yourself warned!


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  1. My pantry needs a makeover too. Have some things in storage but I dunno how to keep the fiance’s impulsive and totally over the top chip purchasing under control! There are half-eaten bags of chips everywhere and it drives me nutty!

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