Motivation Mondays

Fab Housewife’s segment, Motivation Monday, is a weekly series of beautiful pictures, artwork, and photography coupled with inspirational quotes, that are designed to motivate us for the upcoming week.  Life is hard, and we know how easy it is to lose faith.  Mondays seem to be especially hard.  We’ve all heard of the “case of the Mondays” or “Monday Blues” as terms for the difficulty in getting through the beginning of the week.  That’s why we created Motivation Monday.  We hope you find something to help release the Fab Housewife inside of you.  Whether this is your first time, or you are visiting us again, please feel free to browse the gallery and get inspired!  As always, feel free to use the search bar to look for something in particular.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know in the comment section.  Enjoy!

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