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Nearly a month into the new year, and I’m finally settling into a new school routine. Part of my curriculum this quarter involves an incredible internship opportunity with Kelly Wearstler Interior Design!!!

I’m particularly excited to work with Kelly because her unique, fearless designs are pretty much considered a game changer in the industry. She’s well on her way to becoming an icon, and let’s be honest– is there really anyone better to learn from?

So, when I came across this gorgeous photo gallery on One Kings Lane of the utterly inspiring Kelly Wearstler office where I’m working, I thought it could be a great opportunity to give you all a peek into my new world, as of late.Kelly Wearstler on a table decorating a chandelierOkay, so I’ll be honest with you, Kelly usually isn’t swinging from chandeliers or dancing on table tops in the office…


Kelly Wearstler meeting roomBut come on! You can’t blame a girl for wanting to, right? I mean, how fun is that chandelier?


Kelly Wearstler design meetingAaand, this is more like it. Yes, even in a space as magical as this, work must get done.


Kelly Wearstler Office FurnitureMuch of the office furnishings are custom made in some of Kelly’s signature finishes.

Kelly Wearstler Office FurnitureWhen shopping for furniture and fixtures, Kelly will frequent auctions and websites like 1st Dibs. Sculpture is also a huge part of Kelly’s design concept, so she’s created her own line of sculpture that often makes appearances in her client projects.


Kelly Wearstler Office OrganizationAnd this, my friends, is where I spend much of my time. The materials library is constantly needing to be updated and organized. Kelly’s projects often use some of the most innovative and spectacular finishes on the market today. From stones and marbles, to Venetian plasters and even straw marquetry, the sample library is like a designer’s candy store.


Kelly Wearstler DesignsEach project concept begins in a tray or drawer, where materials, drawings, samples and colors are all brought together to help with the visual inspiration.


Kelly Wearstler Design StudioAnd finally, a very realistic portrayal of life as an interior designer. With a million projects going on at once, this office is organized chaos. I’ve found it to be a great balance of necessary office functionality while still providing the inspirational surroundings that are essential in any designer’s world. I’ve even taken some notes to incorporate into my own home office.

What do you think? Does Kelly’s office space inspire you? How do you stay inspired in the workplace?



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  1. Hawlie, what an AMAZING internship!! Congratulations, I’m excited for you!!

  2. laine sou says:

    sorry, that comment was from Laine Sou!

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