When I typically host a gathering or party, it’s usually centered around things like food, cocktails and the occasional sporting event. This week, I needed a change. Something more calming and holistic than the typical revelry and the inevitable morning-after hangover.

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That’s why I recruited friend and certified yoga instructor, Jessica of Lady J Yoga, to host a yoga gathering by the beach! Our morning came complete with ocean breezes and the sounds of waves rolling onto the shore. I can’t think of a more idyllic way to de-stress your chi.

Host a Yoga Party

Host a Yoga Party

Host a Yoga Gathering

Hosting your own yoga party can be as simple or detailed as you like. For my gathering, we picked an outdoor meeting place, everyone brought their own mats, and afterward we headed to a nearby restaurant for coffee and breakfast. It took next to no planning at all, but turned out to be a lovely experience nonetheless.

If you’d like to host a yoga party for a birthday or special event, fresh zen-like flowers and candles create a lovely, peaceful atmosphere. You could provide yoga mats for your attendees (a useful and unique alternative to the goody bag!), along with healthy snacks and green tea to enjoy afterward.

Host a Yoga Party

As for choosing an instructor, the best way to ensure a smooth event is to select one you’ve taken a class from before. If that’s not an option, get a referral from someone. Yoga instructors each have their own unique style, and for a group event like this, with so many different levels of expertise, you want an instructor who is flexible (pun intended).

Donation yoga is also huge in L.A., so depending on the formality of your event, you could ask guests to bring a donation for your instructor. It’s beneficial for them because it helps build their clientele.

Host a Yoga Party

After our session,  we all left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense that bonding with friends is so easily achieved through a practice that promotes inner awareness, peace, harmony and physical well-being. Namaste.

Host a Yoga Party


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