Holy Matri-Money I recently came across this interesting article from sparksavings.com: http://www.sparksavings.com/savings_article.asp?id=1549, which discusses the importance of communication regarding finances in marriage. While I know that money-issues are a definite tender spot in relationships, I don’t think I realized quite how much. I was alarmed to read that, “divorcing couples often point to money–more frequently than adultery–as the key reason for their strife.”

Money Issues in Marriage

I quickly found myself relating to the couple featured in the article…or more specifically, to wife Lauren. For both of us, talking about money is uncomfortable and unpleasant. From what I gathered from Lauren, we both are “live in the moment” kind of girls, who see a lot more benefit in splurging on a beautiful pair of shoes, as opposed to saving for retirement (I mean…you can’t enjoy fabulous footwear at 80…carpe diem!). For me, money talk has always been a battle-ground of sorts, and I avoid it at all cost.  However, contrary to Lauren, who grew up never learning to save money and lived paycheck to paycheck, I DID have parents who tried to instill some kind of financial responsibility in me, so I guess the blame is on me (yes Dad, you finally have this in writing).

On the other hand, J.P.- like Rodney- wants to “rally the troops…to save every penny.” Managing money and planning for future financial success has always been a priority for him, and as a result, some of his friends have bestowed upon him, the prestigious nickname, alligator arms (because his hands can’t reach his wallet…get it? Insert eye-roll here).

Despite our differences, J.P. and I have come to realize opposites do really attract. Or, perhaps more accurately, opposites balance each other out. Thanks to me, J.P. is realizing how freeing it is to live a little sometimes, and I am realizing how much easier life can be when you bother with things like budgets and balance sheets. The article makes some great points and offers simple solutions for others, like us, who don’t want finances to control your relationships.

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