Well, we did it girls. Another week has come and gone, and now we have a full weekend ahead to look forward to. And it can’t come soon enough, I’ll tell you what. This week has been tiring and stressful, but it has also been rich and fulfilling. Here are some of the highlights…

Friday favorites remembering a loved one Beverly morrison big glasses

{Celebrating the life of a very dear loved one, and reminiscing with my family about all the ways she touched our hearts.}

Friday Favs Venice canal painting Italy

{Finally framing and hanging a painting the hubs and bought from an artist along the Venice Grand Canal during our trip to Italy and Greece this past fall. Every time I see it, whether while sipping coffee, or just passing by, I think of our memories there. Hopefully we will make it back someday.}

Friday Favs garlic naan

{Frozen food, ready in a pinch, that tastes homemade. I tried the garlic naan from Trader Joe’s for the first time this week, since I had zero time for cooking. It was so yummy when drizzled with melted butter. I highly recommend!}

Friday Favs wine glass and bottle rack{New storage for wine and glassware created so much extra room in the cupboards. It looks stylish, plus the hubs was thrilled that I allowed him to use his power tools.}

Friday Favs new Fab Housewife Logo

{And last, but definitely not least, Fab Housewife is about to have a brand new look!!! After months of working with a graphic designer to create a new logo, we are now in the final stages! There are no words to describe how excited I am about this!}

Are you happy it’s finally Friday?

Tell me about the highlights of your week…

2 Responses to {Friday Favs}

  1. Marti says:

    Sorry for your loss.
    Love the wine glass holders made to fit in cupboards

  2. Dottie Ohe says:

    Thank you for the tribute to Bev. She would have loved it! She is dearly missed.

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