Rainy Day Dance in the Rain

Happy Friday luv bugs! My forecast is predicting Mother Nature to send us some glorious spring showers this weekend, and both the flowers and I are eternally grateful.

Perhaps it’s the Arizona girl in me, but rainy days still feel like such an anomaly. I love to savor each and every one by simply sitting and watching the drops hit the ground from inside my cozy cave. Sometimes, during those warm, humid downpours, I even like to venture out, feel the water drizzle down my skin, and breathe in the fresh earth.

I love the way certain smells conjure images in your head. The scent of rain always evokes monsoon memories from when I was a kid. We lived on a cul de sac, so when monsoon season would hit, the water would pour down so hard it would appear diagonal in the big open circle, then it would blow across the asphalt in beautiful cloud of haze. My mom, sisters and I would run barefoot through the curtain of water. We’d stretch out our arms to feel each drop on our fingertips. We’d stick out our tongues, tasting the clean moisture. We’d stay out there until we were soaked to the bone, shivering in delight. Those were ¬†moments of pure, carefree bliss. Not a worry in the world, focused on nothing but breathing, feeling the moment, existing. Those rain-soaked memories are some of my favorites from my childhood. It’s no wonder rain is always a symbol of happiness for me.

It’s been a long time since I’ve run in the rain. Too long. Perhaps this weekend the hubs and I will appease the child inside both of us and make a date of it.

Rainy Day Date

Rainy Day Bring the Rain

Rain Drops

Rain Day Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet

Ladylike rainy day

Rain or shine, my wish for you all is to have a wonderfully inspired and fulfilling weekend. Until next week…

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