Prada and Gucci and Fendi, oh my! From the press I’ve seen over the past few days, Fashion’s Night Out on Rodeo Drive wasn’t quite the revelry of the NYC version, but I’m pretty sure it comes in a close second. This was my first time partaking in FNO, and I will definitely be returning next year. Even if you’re not a fashion guru or “in the biz,” FNO is a fabulous excuse to get out with the girls and indulge.

And speaking of indulging, a highlight of our night was definitely trying on jewels from the legendary jeweler Van Cleefs & Arpels. Here, my girlfriend Cara and I were styled by the very same people who style celebrities for Hollywood’s biggest red-carpet events.

Fashions Night Out Van Cleefs & Arpels jewelry styling

We then posed for photographers, like the true fashionistas we are. One of Van Cleef’s most noteable designs is the signature Alhambra. Cara was styled in a stunning diamond Alhambra necklace, priced at over $160,000, along with matching diamond earings and a hair pin.

Van Cleefs and Arpels Fashions Night Out 2011 Jackie O Cuff

Van Cleefs and Arpels Fashions Night Out 2011 Jackie O Cuff

I wore a gold and pearl version of the Alhambra with matching earings. But the highlight was definitely the gold hammered “Jackie O” cuff I got to wear- named after the most iconic fab housewife of all. Jackie Kennedy Onassis wore two of these on each wrist- like a warrior– a symbol of strength. It’s estimated the cuffs each cost about $2,000 at the time they were purchased, and later sold for $167,500 at her estate auction at Sotheby’s.

Jackie O wears her Van Cleef’s & Arpels hammered gold cuffs while “arm-wrestling” Muhammad Ali

Jackie O and Muhammad Ali

I dream of someday owning a Jackie O cuff of my own. Sadly though, with a retail pricetag of about $26,000, the hubs says it’s not in the budget.

Another highlight of FNO 2011: Cake Couture! Stay tuned



3 Responses to {Fashion’s Night Out 2011} Van Cleefs & Arpels & the “Jackie O”

  1. Sarah Richardson says:

    FUN! I am going to go to NYC someday and partake in the festivities. I would be so nervous trying on a $160K necklace!!

  2. […] {Fashions Night Out 2011} Van Cleefs & Arpels & the “Jackie O” […]

  3. Tara L. Thompson says:

    thats nice, but im not into trying things on that i can not afford to purchase, i end up with a headache and night mares, dont see how woman can fake things, try it on, love it and opurchase it is the moral of the sotry.

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