DIY bachelorette party temecula wine glassesA couple weekends ago, I traveled a wee bit south for a wine tasting bachelorette party in Temecula. It was perfection! Call me an old hag, but the idea of spending a drunken weekend in Vegas, bedecked in plastic penis paraphernalia sounds like a scene from my worst nightmare. Instead, my friends and I decided a relaxing weekend in wine country was much more our speed. Sunshine, wine and girl time. It doesn’t get any better!

Before I left, I decided I wanted to contribute a little something special for all the girls attending. In honor of our theme, I decided personalized wine glasses would be fitting.

DIY bachelorette party damask wine glasses

Now, let my preface the rest of this post by saying this: In absolutely no way whatsoever am I an artist, painter or drawer. In fact, I’m awful. I feel like this is an important point to mention because so often when I post DIY tutorials, the common response is something along the lines of, “I could never do that.” But the fact is, you can do this one. My strategy is foolproof enough that anyone can.

DIY bachelorette party damask wine glasses

To make my glasses, I first printed the designs I wanted onto plain computer paper, then cut them out and taped them in place on the inside of the glass. I then traced over the lines with paints. Easy!

For the damask design, I used colors from my Martha Stewart acrylic paint set in satin.  All the fonts were drawn on using silver and gold marker pens, which can also be found at most drug stores (I tried using the acrylic paints, but my awful art skills and a shaky hand made it impossible). I finished it off with some glass glitter, a few rhinestone embellishments, and a pretty polka-dot bow around the stem.

DIY bachelorette party damask wine glasses

The girls loved their glasses, and they made a cute little souvenir of our trip. If you’d like to give it a try, my best advice is to pick designs and fonts that are simple. Just like my damask outline:

Most importantly, don’t get caught up in making every line and every stroke perfect. It’s the little inconsistencies that will add to your glass’ inherent whimsy. Good luck!


3 Responses to {DIY} Personalized Bachelorette Party Wine Glasses

  1. Claire Hogan says:

    Hi did you bake these in the oven the set the paint? And can u use any acrylic paints?
    Love this by the way x

    • fabhousewife says:

      Hi Claire, I’m glad you like them! I didn’t bake these because I bedazzled them with rhinestones, but as long as they’re handwashed (carefully) I don’t anticipate having any issues. I don’t know how well acrylic paints would work, but I would venture to guess that if the label says they’re appropriate for glass, you’re good to go. My Martha paints are designed for most craft surfaces and provided excellent coverage. Let me know how your glasses turn out!

  2. I love these! What glue did you use for the rhinestones and did they stay on? I tried using gorilla glue but it made the rhinestones all foggy.

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