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Sitting atop my parents dresser, is the unity candle they lit during their wedding back in 1990. I was seven years old when they were married, which meant I got to be the flower girl and partake in all the wedding festivities. I remember watching them light the candle that day, and being moved by the symbolism of it all, even at such a young age. Two families were uniting as one, and every time I saw that candle on their dresser growing up, I was reminded of that day and of how special I felt to be a part of it.

When the hubs and I got married almost three years ago, I knew I wanted a unity candle solely because of the influence my parent’s candle had on me. Since the hubs and I are both religious, we chose to have a candle custom made, with a beautiful prayer printed on it. Our candle was also made with a small slot for a tea light that could be switched out as it was used, meaning the unity candle itself will last indefinitely (just like our love, aw!). And just like my parent’s candle, ours sits atop our dresser- a constant reminder of the promise we made and the unification of our lives.

Unity Candle prayer

Some people opt not to do unity ceremony during their wedding because they find it cliche or overdone. Since a wedding ceremony is one of society’s oldest and most commonly practiced traditions, I often find it intriguing when couples try so hard to be untraditional.

To me, there’s a big difference between a tradition, and a cliche. A cliche often comes in the form of a trend (i.e. anything that could be considered ugly in 10 years. See also headpiece, colorized photos, butt bow).  A tradition, on the other hand, is simply a practice that is passed down from generation to generation. The unity candle tradition is my very favorite at a wedding, but for couples who are still searching for ways to be different, here are some less common ways to incorporate the symbolism of unity:

{Unity Sand}

Unity Sand the Unity ceremony blissfully bridalOkay, so a sand ceremony is still pretty common, but I couldn’t not mention it. Some couples pick two colors (or more if they’re including children), so the sand artfully blends together, creating a lovely souvenir of the special day. I particularly love this idea, however (via Robert Sukrachand Photography), using sands collected from the couple’s native homelands- South Korea and Canada.

{Plant a Unity Tree}

Unity Tradition the unity plantSome couples choose to plant a tree, unifying soils and water to symbolize the love that will flourish and grow between the two. Often the couples replant their tree in their backyard, a ceremony that’s fulfilling both symbolically and environmentally.


{Tie the Knot…Literally}

Unity tradition handfasting ceremonyThe handfasting ceremony is an ancient wedding tradition, made popular in Ireland and Scotland, that coined the term, tying the knot. You can incorporate your wedding colors in the different threads, and even play with textures for a truly beautiful look. Style Me Pretty has more details on this tradition and how it works.


{Wine Ceremony}

Unity tradition wine ceremonyA wine ceremony is becoming more and more popular, with the couples blending red and white wines, to create pink wine, symbolizing love. The wine ceremony would be especially appropriate at a vineyard wedding.


{A Unity…Branding?}

unity ceremony wedding tradition branding

Alright, when it comes to creativity, this one definitely takes the cake. I found this image on pinterest, but have no idea where it came from. All I can assume is that at this hoedown-themed wedding, the couple chose to symbolize their unity with a hot iron. I’m just grateful they chose to brand a piece of wood, and not each others…um, hineys.

Brides-to-be: Will you be including a unity ceremony at your wedding?

hawlie signature unity ceremony


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  1. Where did you find the candle that is pictured in this entry? I absolutely love it!!! I found you through pinterest.

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