Lavender Luxe Body Scrub DIY with Sea SaltsI am absolutely in love with lavender in the summertime. I love to cook with lavender, sleep with lavender (the hubs and I have a lavender-filled sachet hanging on our headboard to promote restful sleep), and now I love to slather it all over my body. Of course, I came up with this idea from Pinterest, and since I’m always looking for cute little gifts for my girlfriends that are also inexpensive, I thought I’d try it out.

DIY Lavender Sea Salt Scrub and exfoliant

My lavender scrub is a spin-off of Centsational Girl’s recipe. I was going to follow the instructions to a tee, but due to laziness insane rush hour traffic, I decided to get everything I needed from my nearby Trader Joe’s (I’m also in love with TJs, in case you haven’t noticed). My version actually comes out a lot cheaper because instead of spending $10-$20 on a few ounces of lavender essential oil, I spent $4 on 8 oz. of Lavender Body Oil. While this may not be the same quality as the pricier stuff you buy at Whole Paycheck (or maybe it is), it’s still “pure essential lavender oil”, so I figured it would do the job just as well.

Trader Joe's Lavender Body Oil label

I also buy my dried lavender from Cost Plus, since they have the best value I’ve found, and the buds are safe for culinary purposes.

DIY lavender sea salt scrub

{makes 36 oz.} 

18 oz. coarse sea salt

18 oz. fine sea salt*

4 fluid oz. grapeseed oil*

½ fluid oz. lavender essential oil

dried lavender buds

First, lightly grind lavender buds in a mortar and pestle, just enough to release the fragrance and oils, but not too much to damage the buds.Combine all ingredients in a large bowl, and mix until completely blended. Spoon your scrub into some clean jars. Mine came from The Container Store, but you could also use some cute canning or mason jars that may be lying around. Or, if you have a pretty but empty jar from a store-bought beauty product, upcycle it! Just make sure the mouth is wide enough to comfortably scoop the product out with your hands.

DIY Lavender Sea Salt Scrub

Final step: make your labels. I had fun creating my own (which you’re welcome to use: Lavender Sea Salt Scrub Labels), then printing them on Avery Shipping Labels (#5164), and cutting out around the frame.

I even made a jar of the scrub for myself and the hubs gave me a foot massage with it. Oh-emmm-geeeeee! It’s just the right amount of exfoliant, without being too abrassive, and the soft lavender scent swept me away into a stress-free, blissful dream land. Any friend on the receiving end of such a gift is sure to be eternally grateful!

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  1. Looks like an easy and rewarding project! What are the asterisks next to 18 oz. fine sea salt* and 4 fluid oz. grapeseed oil* for in the ingredients?

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