“I have kids.” It’s the most common complaint women make when it comes to decorating their home. Truth be told, it’s a valid one. The reality of sticky fingers, wet paws and crumbs from last night’s pizza-and-a-movie will unquestionably restrain you from purchasing that glamorous white sofa you love, opting instead for one in a darker hue with a more durable fabric.

But if you’re anything like me, and you love to flip through the pages of decor mags, daydreaming of what your home could be, then listen up! Living the “Fab Life” means loving the life you live, and a big part of that includes surrounding yourself daily with things that inspire you and reflect your stylish taste.  They say to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. I say, the same goes for your home: decorate for the lifestyle you want.

The key to establishing Livable Luxe in your home is all in finding a balance between comfort, practicality and style. Is your husband a bull in a china shop? Are your kids bouncing off the walls…when they’re not scribbling on them as well? That’s okay, because your fabulousness doesn’t have to get lost in the madness!

Luxe Inspiration

Livable Luxe Glamour Living room {image via DecorPad}

Livable Luxury antique perfume bottles{image via Country Living}

Livable Luxe Living room fur{image via Fresh Home Ideas}

Livable Luxe candles and crystal lamp{image via Rue Magazine, issue 3}

Glam Luxe Bedroom Tufts {image via DecorPad}

Liveable Luxe

Livable Luxe Decor Shopping

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